Mercy Regional of Oklahoma began operations in Northeast Oklahoma on June 16th, 2006, and has quickly established itself as the premier private ambulance service in the region.

911 Emergency Medical Services

We currently contract to provide Paramedic Life Support 911 emergency medical services to the City of Cleveland, OK; Craig County, OK; Cleora EMS District and Glenpool, OK. The Cleveland station operates one
24-hour and one 12-hour ambulance seven days a week. The primary response area for the Cleveland operations consists of the eastern half of Pawnee County and Southwestern Osage County. The Craig County operations is a regional cooperative agreement between the Craig County Commissioners, the City of Vinita, and the Cleora 522 ambulance district. The Craig County response area includes the entire County and the Cleora School District in Delaware County. We operate three 24-hour ambulances seven days a week out of two stations. Two 24-hour ambulances in Vinita and one 24-hour ambulance in Cleora. The Glenpool station operates two 24-hour ambulance ambulances seven days a week. The Glenpool station provides coverage for Glenpool School District. If you are looking to provide the best ambulance service for your community, contact us today.

Interfacility Transportation

All of our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel. We recognize and understand that routinely there are transports that require a higher level of paramedic service for the inter-facility transport care of critically ill or injured patients. Our paramedics complete additional classroom and hospital-based clinical education. This extra education allows them to monitor and treat these critical patients during transport. Paramedics can transport patients on ventilators and multiple or extensive intravenous lines and IV medication administration via multiple chamber pumps. The benefit to hospitals is that they do not need to send their equipment or extra personnel unless they want to. Our units are available to respond within minutes of called received from the requesting hospital. Paramedic-level transports are commonly used for the following situations but are not limited to:

  • ICU to ICU transfers for a critical patient or a patient with extensive medication drips, ventilator support, chest tube management, or invasive monitoring.
  • ER to ER transfers to an immediate higher level of care facility for the acutely injured or critically ill patient.
  • Specialty Hospital to Hospital ICU
  • Hospital to Specialty Hospital transport for long-term acute care of a critical patient

Mercy Regional EMS provides a variety of non-emergent transports for patients from various medical facilities and conditions. All medical transports can be scheduled in advance or on an emergent basis. These units can be staffed for basic life support, advanced life support, or paramedic life support depending on call type and request. All EMTs providing basic life support transport of this type are trained in basic airway management, bleeding control, 02 administration, CPR, orthopedic care, and much more. Non-emergent medical transports are commonly used for the following:

  • Local emergency room visits or discharge
  • Transfer from one hospital to another for a higher level of care
  • Transports from Nursing Care Facilities
  • Trips to and from cancer treatment centers
  • Trips to and from dialysis centers
  • Various retirement communities
  • Doctor office appointments

Long Distance Transfers

Mercy Regional EMS can provide a variety of long-distance transports for all types of patients. We can consult with family members and case managers in scheduling these transports. We recognize the difficulty in planning the discharge of a patient from the facility to a long-distance facility or residence. The staff at Mercy Regional EMS is prepared and willing to make this transport as smooth and pleasant as possible for all involved. Please call our communication center 24 hours a day for a free consultation and quote for any long-distance transport.

Special Event Standby

Mercy Regional is available for medical standby for large-scale community events such as races, rodeos, etc.

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